Your family search starts here

Building your family tree is a fascinating and rewarding way to feel closer to your ancestors.

There can be all sorts of characters and heroes just waiting to be discovered in your family’s past.

Online databases such as findmypast and ancestry have made it easier than ever to learn more about your ancestors and the struggles they had to overcome.

However, it can be a dauting task if you are not a confident historian and you might find yourself unsure of where or how to start.

That is where we come in. 🙂

Family Tree Planner is full of useful, easy-to-understand guides of how best to tackle the task of creating your family tree.

There are articles and guides to help you through every step of your journey as you discover more about your genealogy and the characters in your family past.

There are expert views and helpful techniques for you to use as you see your family tree grow branch by branch.

As you begin to build in confidence and momentum you are likely to find all sorts of shocks and surprises in your family’s past.

As you find out more information about each one of your ancestors you will find them coming to life as people rather than just being names on a page.

The struggles they faced and the decisions they made will reveal their inner strengths and personalities and make you feel closer to them than ever.

Creating your family tree can be a hugely rewarding and satisfying experience but you must remember it will not be plain sailing all the way.

Never become downhearted as you are likely to face difficult obstacles and confusing puzzles along the way.

Remember to keep a positive mindset and be open to your discoveries taking you in different directions to what you may expect.

Most of all, enjoy your family tree and be proud of the achievements of your ancestors.

It is the decisions and actions they made that brought you here today.