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Kate Middleton is descended from the High King of Ireland

The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is descended from the man who was once known as the ‘High King of Ireland’ according to study into her family history.

Middleton, who will one day become Queen of England, is related to the Irish High King Brian Boru according to research by Tourism Ireland.

The team of historians and genealogists at Tourism Ireland carried out the study as part of the ‘Family History Year’ in 2013.

They presented their findings at the British House of Commons in front of the then leader of Britain David Cameron, and the leader of Ireland at the time Enda Kenny.

They invited other people in Britain to trace their family history to see what, if any, connections they had to Ireland.

The study of the Duchess of Cambridge’s heritage found that she was descended from the Lupton family of Yorkshire and the Fitzmaurices of Co Kerry.

Both family lines can be connected to the former Irish High King Brian Boru.

It means that when the Duchess’ son George grows up and takes the throne, then the King of England will be a descendent of the last High King of Ireland.

Brian Boru lived in the 10th and 11th centuries and is credited with being the first and last true High King of Ireland.

He began as ruler of the small kingdom of Dál gCais, near modern day Limerick, before expanding and eventually ruling the entire country.

He made a number of enemies along the way, both Irish kings and Viking leaders who were prominent in Ireland at the time.

However, he lived to be an old man and died in the famous Battle of Clontarf, which saw the native Irish finally overcome the Viking invaders – Brian’s last great victory.

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